5 Steps To Have Prospects Calling You To Buy

Who wouldn't want this?

I know I sure did from the very first time I was tasked with selling something.

I was going door to door selling Poppy's for the Royal Canadian Legion as a boy scout.

I would have to knock on the door, wait to see if any one came, convince them I was not a sales person, that I could be trusted, tell them about what we were doing, ask for the sale, deal with the reponse, deliver the solution.

That is a lot of steps.

In selling there are a lot of steps and if you want to get more sales you need to either do more of each step, find other people to help with the steps or automate some of the steps.

So for 30 plus years I've been working out how to create a predictable, repeatable and effective system to have people calling me that know the following...

  1. They have a problem.
  2. There is a solution that exists to solve that problem
  3. That I solve that problem
  4. That I'm great at solving that problem.

When I get on a call with someone that has a yes next to the all of these my job is really simple and clear.

Let them buy!

The solve their problem.

There are many ways I've gone about doing this, some more reliable than others, and if you want to learn about my most recent one you can access it below.

I'll tell you about the lady who called me up and this is how the conversation went.

Me: Hello, thank you so much for booking this call with me.

Lady: THANK YOU!, I can't believe I'm finally speaking with you.

Me: That's very kind. Thank you. How did you hear about us?

Lady: I did a google search found your podcast and I've listened to just about ever one.

Me: That's awesome. I love hearing from people that are getting value out of the work we're doing. What did you get out of listening to the podcasts?


Well, I don't think I need to tell you how the call ended.

Essentially there are 5 steps that you're going to need to put someone through to get calls like this happening on a predicable basis.

  1. Give them access to free content that educates them about the problem and about the solutions that are out there to solve those problems.
  2. In all your free content have a call to action to more free and exclusive content that shows them in theory how to solve their problem.
  3. In the exclusive content in step 2 the call to action is to book a discovery call to discuss how you can help them solve it faster, better, cheaper.
  4. After they've booked the call have a process that educates them on your process for solving their problem and prepares them for your call.
  5. Convert the discovery call to a yes or no

I'll go through these in a deeper way in the pdf I'll send you when you sign up below.



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